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Established in 1973 by Alex Grabenstein, Vintage Lumber's objective was to reuse old wood obtained from dismantled derelict barns and other agricultural buildings in central Maryland. Well before the "green movement," Alex determined that reclaimed lumber provides a high quality and cost effective resource of building materials for new construction. Originally intended for use structurally, it was quickly discovered that this historic material had more widespread appeal as functional but decorative antique wood flooring and beams.

Our early customers used the weathered beams and barn siding "as is" for the rustic "clubroom" look, but soon the interest expanded to a more finished product, random width wide plank wood flooring. In 1978, a 5000 square foot flooring mill was built on the farm where Alex grew up. Our upgraded production facility allowed us to service a growing and sophisticated clientele. New wood flooring—American Country Collection-- with character that complemented the antique reclaimed flooring was introduced and allowed our customers to add rustic patina to their homes and businesses at a lower cost than most reclaimed species.

By the 1980's there was an increase in demand and the establishment of a sawmill on the farm allowed Vintage Lumber to produce boards from large beams recovered from the dismantled buildings.

As our market grew to be national, the flooring production mill was moved to its present location in Woodsboro, MD in 1992, with a total equipment upgrade in 1999.

With an antique and new lumber inventory of over one million board feet, Vintage has the capacity of 20,000 square feet of flooring per week. While recent construction slowdowns have required us to reduce our output, our hard working employees continue to maintain Vintage Lumber as one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of antique re-milled and rustic new wood flooring in the country.

Still owned and operated by Alex, with an average employee tenure of over 10 years, Vintage Lumber's uncompromising commitment to quality, value and service is the hallmark of our business.

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