Rustic Hard Maple

History and Characteristics of Rustic Hard Maple

A majority of Maple lumber is milled in Mid Atlantic and Great Lakes regions of the United States. Some Hard Maple wood has highly decorative wood grain including flame maple, quilt maple, birdseye maple and burl wood. These grain conditions occur randomly in individual Hardwood Maple trees and can often only be seen after the tree / wood has been sawn. The sapwood of Hard Maples is partially sought after due to its color variations which can range from nearly white to cream color representing reddish or deep golden tones. Hard Maple wood is sought after due to its shock resistance and overall density. Hard Maple is commonly used for bowling alley lanes, basketball gym floors, butcher blocks and workbenches.

One of North America’s most treasured timber resources, maple wood is world-renowned for its unparalleled beauty and strength. Resawn maple ranges in color from ivory white to tawny blonde.



  • New Rustic solid wood flooring is normally milled to 3/4″ thickness .
  • Vintage Lumber is also able to meet customer’s requirements for both thinner (minimum 3/8”) and thicker solid flooring.
  • Most of our solid flooring is produced in random widths(RW) from 2” to 10”, on the full inch face. Typical RW ranges are 3” to 6”(3,4,5,6), 3” to 8”, 7” to 10”, or any combination needed. Board widths of over 20” are sometimes available in certain species. The wider the widths required, the higher the costs. Our RW flooring is usually not sold as a repeating pattern(equal lineal feet of each width). For prompt filling of orders, we base our RW counts on available widths in inventory, and we calculate a 9 or 10 board width sequence to facilitate installation to avoid all of one width remaining at the end.
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