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High Quality Reclaimed & Vintage Wood

Vintage Lumber offers a proprietary line of antique reclaimed flooring, known as The Vintage Collection. This collection is precisely remilled from old boards and beams in the largest variety of species, grades, and sizes you will find anywhere. There are those within the flooring industry that sell flooring manufactured from new lumber, which has been hand distressed or color enhanced under the tag line of antique flooring. To go one step further, there are some companies that use the term vintage in their company name that have never seen the inside of a dismantled building. We are the original Vintage Lumber Company.

Clarifying the Confusion

Simply put, we remill reclaimed/antique lumber from dismantled buildings into tongue and groove plank flooring. We established grading guidelines many years ago, and have refined those standards to reflect our improved processes.

Our nationwide reclaimed lumber company can offer you:

  • Representative samples of all species and grades
  • Exceptional customer service.
  • A list of recommended installer/finishers

The Source

As the most reliable source of antique lumber of all types, we have stayed with our original focus; the reclamation of old wood from barns and other farm buildings. There are still many buildings in dilapidated, unneeded, and unwanted condition. Many of these buildings were built with larger dimension lumber and commonly yield more useable wood. They also provide a more interesting array of woods in a wider variety of sizes and conditions. By virtue of our buying volume, we are able to blend materials from all over to produce a functionally and aesthetically consistent product year after year.

Our Product

The Vintage Collection is offered in many different sizes and grades in order to preserve this diminishing resource as well as give our customers as much choice as possible. We have found that random widths make the most efficient use of the material, that boards sawn from beams are lighter in color but might be wormy, and that old boards generally yield a deeper color and more character. Knowing this, we devised a species and grade specification that we base our services on. Simply put, our Vintage Collection is a true antique/reclaimed flooring option.

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