The Process

Reusing Natural Resources

At Vintage Lumber, our lumber most frequently reaches us via "pickers" who scour the countryside searching for derelict buildings. Lumber we use is delivered or picked up in vehicles ranging in size from pick-up trucks to tractor-trailers. The material we obtain ranges in dimension from 1"x 4" to 12"x12" and larger, and can be of any conceivable eastern domestic species in a condition from sublime to ridiculous.

How does the process begin?

Metal detection and removal is the first step in the process. The process is labor intensive and crucial for the survival of our machinery. After metal removal, old beams are sawn into boards, and end-trimmed. Boards are then stacked into uniform length bundles with sticks between each layer-- ready for the kiln. Kiln Drying is necessary to reduce and equalize moisture content and to kill insects and mold. After kiln drying, the boards are unstacked, metal detected again, restacked without the sticks, and stored indoors.

Boards are transported to the flooring mill in 10,000 to 15,000 bd ft quantities to be:

  • Planed flat
  • Laser straight-lined
  • Trimmed of end and edge waste (up to 40% is lost).

The material is then is milled into tongue and groove flooring on a high-speed molding machine. Finished flooring is then stored in our heated/humidity-controlled warehouse, until it is counted out into orders, wrapped, and shipped/delivered to you! For more information about our process or about our nationwide reclaimed lumber products, contact us at (301) 845-2500.

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